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Flammer Center - William Rawn Associates 

watercolor 2: pedestrian level



lower sproule plaza-uc berkeley-moore ruble yudell

student housing-uc santa cruz-ehdd

asian museum-uc berkeley-tod williams/billie tsien

       traitel building-stanford-caw-asai hugh ferriss memorial prize

7th Ave. Housing-Amie Gross Architect

comfort station plaza-bridalveil fall-yosemite-john roberts+assoc. 

new drop off-bridalveil fall-yosemite-john roberts assoc.

proposed business school

proposed agricultural school 

abc studio complex-johnson fain

camana bay-cayman islands-moore ruble yudell


olin school-wusl-moore ruble yudell

botanical garden-balboa park-san diego-roesling nakamura terada

project-uc berkeley-moore ruble yudell

santa clara university law school competition-cannon design

loyola high school-killefer flammang architects

green music center-sonoma state-william rawn and bar

my piedmont high school-william weeks, 1921-demolished 1974

sdsu engineering building competition-harley ellis devereaux



fort mason-san francisco-leddy maytum stacy

student village-uc santa barbara-murray duncan

campus planning-university of north texas-ayers saint gross


university of british columbia competition-moore ruble yudell

housing project-chambers and chambers

residential remodel-chambers and chambers

residential remodel-chambers and chambers

coastal biology building-uc santa cruz-ehdd

bioengineering building-uc santa barbara-moore ruble yudell

eshleman building-uc berkeley-moore ruble yudell

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